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Two Mothers (2017)

Two Mothers – The two best friends miss their mothers. Joon-hyeong is devastated by her hen and Dae-jin’s mother, Seo-yeong comforts her. Seo-yeong offers to teach her sex to make her a real man and Joon-hyeong can not refuse her. Meanwhile, Dae-jin is so popular with the girls that it’s not like Dae-jin. However, she has a crush on Joon-hyeong’s mother Yeon-hee for a long time. Dae-jin hears from Joon-hyeong that his parents may be divorced and Dae-jin sees this as his chance.

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Genre: 2017AdultFilm SemiKorea


Actors: , ,


Duration: 80min

Quality: HDRip